A Few Notes About Your Wedding Rings
A few tips that may be of some help to you.

The most enduring symbols of your love for each other are your wedding rings. They will forever be the symbols of your two lives joined together.

To make a wise choice, begin shopping several weeks before the wedding and stick with reputable dealers.

If yours is to be a double-ring ceremony (where the Bride and Groom each receive a ring), you may want to choose a matched set. If the Bride already received an engagement ring, her wedding band should complement it in style, color, and finish.

Ask about engraving the inside with your names and the wedding date.

A correct fit is very important.

The notion of never taking off your rings may be romantic, but not practical. Harsh household cleaners can pit and discolor the mountings. Working with machinery while wearing rings is dangerous.

Clean your rings once a month by soaking in a solution of one part ammonia and one part cold water. Have your jewel mounting checked yearly.

Your rings should be insured. Check your home-owner's / renter's policy to be sure.