Do I Really Need A Wedding Planner?
This is a big question for many couples. Hopefully, this will help to answer that question

Once thought of as a luxury for the elite, statistics are showing more and more people are using a wedding planner.

According to Modern Bride magazine, more than 50% of the couples who married in 1999 used a wedding planner. In 2002, the number rose to about 62%.

So what, exactly, is a wedding planner? A specialist who plans weddings, or assists in the planning of weddings, on a professional basis. A wedding consultant is a wealth of creative ideas and insider's know-how. A good planner will have connections with the best venders and will be an excellent negotiator so you can get the most for your money. Most are very creative and have unique ideas and tips that will make your wedding something special to remember.

According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, "a wedding consultant should not be considered as an extra expense". The wedding consultant fee can be either a percentage of your total wedding cost, a fixed fee, an hourly rate, or a combination of these. The initial consultation is usually free, but in most cases can be applied to your balance.

As you've most likely learned, planning a wedding is a huge process. Lots to do, lots to learn, and usually not enough time to get it done. There are endless details to arrange, logistics to organize, venders and service providers to hire, schedules and timelines to keep track of and a budget to worry about. A lot of things that can go wrong if not planned out effectively. Many couples find themselves running ragged trying to keep up with all of this on their own. A wedding planner will take the reins and arrange all of these details, allowing the couple to relax and enjoy the moment.

Use caution though. Some planners will take over your wedding and you will lose control. Interview a few different planners until you find one that you are comfortable with. Find one that will take your vision of your perfect wedding and run with it. I have seen some planners that take control of everything and leave the couple wondering "what's going to happen next?" And that's fine, if that is what you want. Otherwise, take the extra time to find the person that will take your dream wedding ideas and make them a reality.

So, the real question is, "Do I really need a wedding planner?" Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. If you are planning to have a large wedding, with a large reception party, then you might find a wedding planner very helpful. If you are planning a simple ceremony and reception that does not involve a large number of venders (cake maker, catering, limo, dress maker, florist, decorator for the venue, tux rentals...etc., etc.), them maybe you don't need a planner.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Make a list of everything that is going to be involved in your wedding and reception. Go over it several times to make sure every detail is in there. Then ask yourself, "can I realistically get all of this coordinated without driving myself batty?" If you can honestly answer 'yes' to this question, then you don't really need a wedding planner. However, if there is ANY doubt in your mind that you can get everything on your list accomplished, without your honeymoon suite becoming a padded room, then maybe you should consider hiring a good wedding planner so you have those wonderful memories of your perfect wedding.