What Are The Duties Of The Maid Of Honor?
Your Maid of Honor holds a key role in your special day.
The Maid of Honor is, after the bride, the primary member of the bride's wedding party in a wedding. Specifically, she is the primary attendant with the most honors and duties of the bridal party, and is considered the equivalent of the groom's best man.

The bride might have several bridesmaids, but the Maid of Honor is the title and position held by the bride's chief attendant, typically her closest friend or sister. If married, the title Matron of Honor is used. Her duties may be as many or as varied as the bride may wish to impose upon her, but typically, she is responsible for:


Help choose and address invitations.

Travelling with the bride to help choose a wedding venue.

Going with the bride to help with the shopping for her wedding dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses.

Plan and host the Bride's shower and the bachelorette party.

Helping the bride with the seating arrangements.

Maintaining communication and organization with the other bridesmaids.

Going with the bride to register for her wedding gifts.

Help the Bride dress and finish packing.

Take the Bride's going-away outfit to the reception.

Bring emergency items (needle and thread, handkerchief, makeup, tape, etc.) to the wedding and reception.

Attending and assisting during the rehearsal dinner.

Providing emotional support as needed.

Assisting the bride with her dress and makeup.

Being the messenger if the bride wants to communicate sight-unseen with the family or groom.

Visiting the reception room to check on the details.

Helping to make sure the bride has privacy before the ceremony if desired.

Hold the Groom's ring during the ceremony.

Hold the Bride's bouquet during the ceremony.

Help the Bride with her gown, veil, and train.

Sign the marriage license.

Offer a toast to the Bride and Groom at the reception.

Securing any money as might be given to the wedding couple during the reception.

Help the Bride change into her going-away outfit.

Take the Bride's wedding gown to the Bride's home after the reception, or the cleaners.

Mail the wedding announcements on the day of the wedding or the day after.