OK Guys! Here's Your list Of Things To Get Done.
Keep in mind that this is not all-inclusive. But, it should be helpful.

6-12 MONTHS:

Buy your fiancee her engagement ring.

Yes, it's REALLY happening to you too!

Invite your Best Man and groomsmen.

Invite the ushers. Plan on one usher for approximately every 50 guests.

Begin making your guest list.

Discuss wedding expenses with your fiancee and both sets of parents.

Together with your fiancee, meet with the clergyman or judge to discuss the ceremony and requirements.

Discuss honeymoon plans with your fiancee. Visit a travel agency and select brochures.


Finalize your guest list and give it to your fiancee.

Choose formal attire for yourself and the men in your wedding party, including the fathers. If the Bride is going to wear a formal wedding gown, the men in the wedding party should wear tuxedos.

Notify the men in the wedding party and both fathers of the wedding attire you select.

Complete plans for your honeymoon. Make reservations and purchase tickets.

Schedule your wedding and honeymoon vacation time with your employer.


Buy the Bride's wedding ring. Order engraving if desired.

Order the Bride's bouquet and going-away corsage.

Order boutonnieres for yourself, the men in the wedding party, and both fathers.

Order corsages for both mothers and grandmothers.

Arrange lodging accommodations for out-of-town guests and attendants.

Buy your gift for the Bride.

Buy gifts for the Best Man, groomsmen, and ushers.

Apply for the marriage license. Either the Bride or Groom may apply; both are not necessary.

Make sure religious and legal documents are in order.

Make sure all the men in the wedding party, including both fathers, have ordered their wedding attire.

Discuss the rehearsal dinner with your parents.

Reserve the room and plan the menu for the rehearsal party. This is usually held one to three days before the wedding. The Bride and Groom should invite their parents, all members of the wedding party and their spouses, the clergyman and his wife, plus the out-of-town guests.

Modify your insurance coverage, including life, fire, medical, household, and personal property insurance.

Help your fiancee write the thank- you notes.

Buy your luggage, swimwear, cruisewear, and eveningwear for your wedding trip.

Apply for a passport for your wedding trip, if necessary.


Order clothing accessories for the men in the wedding party (ascots, ties, gloves, etc.).

Arrange for transportation for the Bride and Groom from the reception to the hotel or airport following the reception.

Confirm all of your honeymoon reservations.

Notify the Post Office of your change in address. (If applicable)

Begin moving into your new home.


Wrap your gift for the Bride.

Wrap the gifts for your Best Man, groomsmen, and ushers.

Attend the bachelor party.

Give your gifts to the Best Man, groomsmen, and ushers at the bachelor party or rehearsal dinner.

Give any special seating instructions to the ushers.

Remind the Best Man, groomsmen, and ushers of the time and place of the rehearsal.

Place the fee for the clergyman or judge in a sealed envelope, and give it to the Best Man to deliver.

Hold the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. These are usually held one to three days before the wedding.

Pack for your honeymoon.

Buy film and get your camera ready for your wedding trip.

Buy traveler's checks.

Prepare your going-away clothes to change into after the reception.

Get a good night's sleep the night before your wedding!

PS - DON'T FORGET to send thank-you telegrams to both sets of parents when you reach your honeymoon destination, expressing gratitude from both of you for all their help in putting your wedding together!