Hand calligraphy brings a warm, personal feel to others.
Calligraphy, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is "beautiful or expert handwriting". The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek kalligraphia, or "beautiful writing".

Calligraphy's origins date back to the Egyptians, who communicated in hieroglyphics, and the Babylonians, who recorded their history in cuneiform. Both methods were based on pictographs, symbols which resembled the object or person being described. These pictographs evolved into a written, phonetic alphabet designed by the Phoenicians and later adopted by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Calligraphy flourished under the influence of the ancient Romans, and later was revitalized and further embellished by the monks and scribes of the Middle Ages in Europe, who produced elaborately illuminated and lettered documents. Today calligraphy remains a vital art despite the advent of word processors and laser printers. The elegant lettering performed by calligraphers can be the finishing touch for wedding invitations.

A professional calligrapher can hand-letter the addresses on wedding invitation envelopes in a variety of ink colors to customize your special announcement. This service also saves time for busy Brides and harried mothers who can spend their time on other preparations and leave the writing to a professional.

Calligraphy can also complete the lovely appearance of certificates, adorn a dinner table with lettered place cards and menu placards, or delight a loved one with a favorite verse hand-lettered on fine paper. Re-discover the lovely craft of calligraphy; you will surely enjoy your customized lettering.