About Your Wedding Gifts
Some couples have questions about proper etiquette related to wedding gifts. Here are some helpful tips.

Register your gifts as soon as possible after you become engaged.
You should register your gifts with only one store of a kind.

Let your mother, your fiance's mother, and your bridesmaids spread the word where you are registered.

The name of the store at which you are registered can be listed on your shower invitations.

Never put store registry information on your wedding invitations.

Quietly inform your mother or a close relative about some larger expensive items that you would love to have.

Never allow the store at which you register your gfts to send out notices informing your friends and those on your wedding guest list that you are registered there.

It is improper to open gifts at the reception.

Begin displaying your gifts two weeks before the wedding.

Do not display duplicate gifts.

Do not display checks; rather, display a card indicating that a check was received, and from whom.

Gifts from your immediate family or the Groom's family should never be returned to a store in exchange for something else, unless there are duplicate gifts.

If an engagement is broken or a wedding does not take place, all gifts, especially expensive gifts, must be returned to the senders with a brief and tactful note of explanation.